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FASHION SHOW - demonstrations of children's clothing collections

We invite you to take part in demonstration shows of children's clothing collections!

There is no doubt that the most spectacular event of CHILDREN’S  FASHION FAIR trade fair is demonstration show of industrial collections of children's clothing - Fashion Show. Shows always attract the attention of visitors and the media. 
Industrial collections of clothing, footwear and accessories for children of foreign and domestic production are demonstrated at TradeMark Defile. Here one can see well-known brands and new ones; school uniform shows enjoy wide popularity. 
Participation in Fashion Show is an opportunity to present your work to the mass consumer, find business partners, as well as to impartially assess your works. 

If you are interested in participation, please, contact
Lisa Nagornaya: +38044 458 46 21 / 22/23/24

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02660, Kiev, Ukraine Brovarsky Ave., 15
International Exhibition Center

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Project Manager 
Mrs. Nataliya Fidorenko

Tel.: +38044 456-38-04

International Relations Manager 
Mrs. Lisa Nagornaya
Tel.: +38063 233-25-61
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