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FASHION SHOW - demonstrations of children's clothing collections

Fashion Show 2017:

  • 21 March - author’s and industrial collections of clothes, footwear, headwear and accessories for children
  • 22 March - school uniform contest; 

We invite you to take part in demonstration shows of children's clothing collections!

There’s no doubt that Fashion Show is the most spectacular event of BABY Fashion, which has always attracted considerable interest among visitors and representatives of the media.

Fashion Show organizers annually attract leading and emerging designers to participate in shows.
Oksana Karavanskaya, Oksana Mosienko, Olga Balashova, Olga Khitrichenko, Sophie Maria Syedova, Irina Vladimirova, TM Stella Shakhovskaya, ParaSolo and others presented their collections at BABY Fashion
during the past few years.

There is no doubt that the most spectacular event of BABY FASHION trade fair is demonstration show of industrial collections of children's clothing - Fashion Show. Shows always attract the attention of visitors and the media.

Industrial collections of clothing, footwear and accessories for children of foreign and domestic production are demonstrated at TradeMark Defile. Here one can see well-known brands and new ones; school uniform shows enjoy wide popularity. 

Participation in Fashion Show is an opportunity to present your work to the mass consumer, find business partners, as well as to impartially assess your works. 

If you are interested in participation, please, contact
Lisa Nagornaya: +38044 458 46 21 / 22/23/24

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Fashion Show Autumn 2013 began with a demonstration of a new collection of Ukrainian Fashion Week designer - "Cosy pastel" by Olga Khitrichenko. "Cosy pastel" is realized in pastel and soft colors, without deviating from the general style. Smart, but quite practical and restrained, with concern for our little ladies.

Handmade collection of knitted goods by "MAMA VIAZHET" magazine (“Edipresse-Ukraine” Publishing House) became a zest of Fashion Show Autumn 2013. All models are knitted by mothers and grandmothers – readers of the magazine. All their talent, love and caring parents have put into these unique things.

TRADE MARK DEFILE. This year, new industrial collections collections were demonstrated by:

-          LAKSHMI MIX Company: clothing Collection "Harmonious mix". This clothing stands out for a variety of bright contrasting colors, expressive details, interesting decorative lines, fashionable fabric designs that will surely make a child happy. Clothing is intended for emphasizing the individuality of each child, finding his own style, but, at the same time, protecting him/her from bad weather.

-          TM SUZIE: a collection of knitted garments. This collection includes knitted sweaters, cardigans, leggings, which will make a child feel comfortable in any situation, and always look elegant and stylish. Clothing has a modern and original design. It stands out for high quality and affordable prices. 

-          TM GINGER SUNNY: "School style" Collection of knitwear. This collection includes knitted garments, which make a child feel cozy and comfortable. The collection is designed in classic colors. That is why clothing can be worn as a school uniform or used in everyday life. 

-          TM BABASIK: collection of hats - "Autumn 2013". Baby hats of domestic manufacture are in popular demand on the Ukrainian market and abroad due to their originality and quality. 

-          KAMTEX/TURKOPT2012 Company: "Autumn -Winter" collection of children's clothes. This collection consists of models for children at the age of 5 years and older. Things can be worn in everyday life and on holiday occasions. The collection is made of high quality materials. 

-         -          TM PRETTY KIDS: an outerwear collection. This collection includes winter coats and snow suits for children at the age of 2-12 years. Designers that follow the changing fashion trends have created original models, that come in a variety of colors. 

-          "PROMATEL’ESERVIS" Company: a collection of party dresses. Modern models for girls. The focus is laid not only on design, but also on quality of tailoring and materials: these models are made of high-quality European fabrics and accessories.

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